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26th-Apr-2008 06:55 pm - n00b.
house - blargh
*casts Phoenix down on journal*
Huzzah! 8D
So i'm posting....just to post. This journal needs some livening up.
The season 3 finale trailer made me a total avatard. for series. So i guess i'm on a bit of a BLEACH hiatus right now. (no more filler, plzkthx.)
I joined a few new communties..like Katara_zuko and Capslock_Zutara (Which is full of epic win and lulz. :D)
I'm still a n00b at LJ..lol, it's sad. I'll learn how to do fake cuts and all that jazz.
16th-Mar-2008 11:57 am - wow~
house - blargh
I haven't updated here in awhile! o_o;
To be honest, i suppose, i sort of forgot about LJ..well..okay, that's not entirely true (I've been posting my AMVs in the IchiRuki comm.) BUT, haha...yeah. >>
Uhm...i went to Animaritimes 2oo8 March 9-11, it was pretty awesome. Not quite as awesome as last year, but it was still pretty freaking fun.
I got a Rukia plushie to match the Ichigo one i got last year. ♥ teehee.
2nd-Apr-2007 04:33 pm - It's been awhile!
house - blargh
Hello, everyone~ ^^ It's been awhile since my last entry! o3o;
I went to Animaritime 2oo7 in February, my first anime convention, and I have to say, It was like....the FUNNEST THING EVER :'D
The only way to describe it would be: "asjkdhdsfhksdsdfhksdh98@E@&*&6!!!" xD
I cosplayed as Kuchiki Rukia from BLEACH! No pictures yet (I'm hoping to have a photoshoot EVENTUALLY.)
Aaaanyway, it was a BLAST. I can't wait 'till next year!! There's also a picnic in May. I'm hoping to go to that, x3
I make AMVs, for anyone who's interested (Alot of them are IchiRuki, xD)
30th-Dec-2006 02:32 pm(no subject)
house - blargh
Sorry for another post, I'm just getting a layout up..
Ack, this is somewhat confusing >.< I'm trying to edit my first entry. Not sure how..hmm...
30th-Dec-2006 02:10 pm - Hello~!
house - blargh
Hey everyone~! ^^
The name's Cassie, I live in Canada.
I've been lurking around LiveJournal for quite some time now and finally decided to make an account! ^^
I love anime, my obsession is BLEACH. I'll be joining a few communities hopefully
Well thats all for now, bai bai~~
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